Flinch was a villain who wore a green costume and flew around on a jetpack.


Flinch dated the mother of Calista Secor until he killed her by throwing her out of a window during an argument. He took the young Calista hostage while the apartment building was surrounded by S.W.A.T. officers. Homicide detective Christian Walker was called in to negotiate with Flinch by Flinch's request. Flinch gave up during their negotiation and tried to escape by flying through the roof with his jetpack. He was arrested shortly afterward when it crashed into the ground. Walker asked how Flinch knew him, having not recognized him. Flinch replied that the villain Wolfe had told many people to ask for Walker when they were in trouble because Walker is believed to be soft on Powers.[1]


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Flinch seems to have no powers other than a semi-functional jetpack.


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