Jon Jackson Stevens was a member of the anti-Powers group Kaotic Chic. He became obsessed with the hero Retro Girl and murdered her. He was killed in retaliation by Retro Girl's friend Triphammer.


He created a power drainer and slit Retro Girl's throat. Walker and Deena was on that case.He was arrested by them and murdered by Triphammer


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not a power but smart enough to create a drainer.

  • Peak Human Intelligence
  • Enhanced Inventing


His tv person is Conrad Moody who is a rich powerful guy who works for the most powerful powers publication company.But he hired an Ex-Governmental Power to do his dirtywork to kill Retro Girl so she still persevere her image of Greatness and unhealthy obsession of every power.Escipally Calista and he also maybee like Krispin but he was a power who had a Police Dad who stops Powers and His Mom who Pubalice Powers.Krispin was the cause of each of his parents death.




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