Pilot is the first episode of the Powers television series in Season 1.


In a world where superpowered individuals known as "Powers" are a reality, the city of Los Angeles has a special department called the LAPD Powers Division which deals specifically with superpowered criminals. Christian Walker is a former Power known as "Diamond" who becomes a detective in the Powers Division after losing his powers. Following a routine arrest, a Power breaks free from his cell and kills Walker's partner. After the mess from the jailbreak is cleaned up, Walker is assigned a new partner named Deena Pilgrim. For their first case, they are assigned to investigate the death of the superhero Olympia, and their first step is to interrogate a young girl named Calista Secor who found Olympia dead in a hotel room.


Main CastEdit



  • Mario Lopez as Himself
  • Phillip Devona as Zabriski
  • Daniel Thomas May as Bug
  • Adam Boyer as Olympia
  • Mickey Cole as Levitation Boy
  • Pete Burns as Adlard
  • Brian Lafontaine as Brian Stockley
  • Johnny Giacalone as Cancilarra
  • Brett Gentile as Mack
  • Jeryl Prescott Sales as Golden
  • Linds Edwards as Zerotron X
  • Michael Beasley as Chaykin
  • Victor Turner as Supression Specialist
  • BJ Winfrey as Shaft Guard
  • Dave Pileggi as Med Tech #1
  • Troy Brenna as Iron Impact
  • Sara Pagliocca as Porn Star

Behind the scenesEdit

There is currently no behind-the-scenes information listed for this episode.


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