Retro Girl corpse

Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate Retro Girl, a high-profile "Powers" murder case

This article is for "Powers," the name for people who have superhuman abilities in the Powers Universe. If you're looking for the comic book series go to "Powers (comics)." If you're looking for the television series go to "Powers (TV series)."

"Powers" are people with superhuman abilities, although the name is also sometimes used as a general group title for costumed adventurers (including masked vigilantes without special abilities). It is a neutral term to describe people whether they identify as super-heroes or super-villains. Due to the complicated and varying natures of many different Powers in the world they are incredibly controversial figures. Their existence is difficult to accommodate through legislation for government and law enforcement. There are many people who greatly revere the Powers for the lives they save, but many people also fear Powers because of the damage they cause and the lives they endanger.

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