Powers is an American adaptation of the Powers comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It is the PlayStation Network's first scripted original programming, and premiered on March 10, 2015. The series streams exclusively on PlayStation consoles.


Set in a world where humans and super heroes co-exist, a former power now homicide detective, Christian Walker, had his own powers taken from him. Along with his partner Deena Pilgrim they work in a special LAPD homicide division called Powers, which investigates crimes involving superhumans.


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Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Like a Power
  3. Mickey Rooney Cries No More
  4. Devil in a Garbage Bag
  5. Paint it Black
  6. The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit
  7. You Are Not It
  8. Aha Shake Heartbreak
  9. Level 13
  10. Fuck the Big Chiller

Season 2Edit

  1. Caracas 1967
  2. Funeral of the Century
  3. Hell Night
  4. Stealing Fire
  5. Shaking the Tree
  6. Requiem
  7. Origins
  8. Chasing Ghosts
  9. Slain Dragons
  10. Legacy


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