Queen Noir/ComicsEdit

Was a superhero she was seen first in Powers Comic, but later was killed by her own power outrageous. Queen Noir created her own superhero team.


She wears a black jumpsuit with black color sleeves.With a Green Girdle.A white lady with dark colored eyes.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Human Physiology
  • Dark Arts
  • Magically Enhanced Physiology
  • Superpowered Physiology
  • Homo Superior Physiology
  • Demon Summoning
  • Contract Bestowal
  • Killing Instinct
  • Divided Mind
  • Suicidal Attack
  • Berserker Physiology
  • Shadow Magic
  • Grim Darkness Manipulation
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Umbrakinetic Combat
  • Shadow Mimicry
  • Devil Mode
  • Umbrageous Teleportation
  • Dimensional Shifting
  • Night Manipulation
  • Darkness Embodiment
  • Night Embodiment
  • Control Manipulation
  • Domination
  • Territory Creation
  • Eye Color Manipulation
  • Supernatural Eye


Her TV version died by the hands of Super-Shock.In the comics she killed herself and her teamates even her husband