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Supershock is a high-level Power who spent most of his career as a hero, involved with the team Unity. He is known to have been active since shortly after World War I. Eventually he turned insane and went on a destructive rampage leading to his death.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Supershock is estimated to be a Power Level 8-9, although it has been speculated that his power may be unlimited.[1] They include:

  1. Homo Superior Physiology
  2. Energy Manipulation
  3. Energy Blast
  4. Ergokinetic Combat
  5. Invisible Energy Manipulation
  6. Invisibility
  7. Invisibility Combat
  8. Reality Warping
  9. Sonic Scream
  10. Sonokinetic Combat
  11. Fire Breath
  12. Pyrokinetic Combat
  13. Semi-Immortality
  14. Aerial Adapatation
  15. Atmospheric Adaptation
  16. Vacuum Adaptation
  17. Levitation
  18. Flight
  19. High-Speed Flight
  20. Interstellar Travel
  21. Aerial Combat Mastery
  22. Enhanced Strength
  23. Supernatural Strength
  24. Absloute Strength
  25. Strength Combat
  26. Heart Rip
  27. Enhanced Durability
  28. Supernaturally Dense Tissue
  29. Invulnerability


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