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Zora is one of the world's most prominent heroic Powers. She claims that her light abilities stem from a lack of belief in God, which allows her to become her own God. In her prime she was a close ally of Diamond, Retro Girl, and Triphammer.


Zora was born into Chinese Powers Era.And was trained to how to use those powers by Master Han-Zan Xian along with other powers in the Great Tempale along with Walker who was known by a different name but similar he was known as the Great Walker.So she been around for long time.He powers come from her Spirtuial belief that she is God.She fought and defeated Boogie Girl but was killed by her.She was a lover of walker and was in a team with him along with Retro Girl,and Triphammer.


Very prideful about her powers and super arrogant

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Homo Superior Physiology
  2. Eye Color Manipulation
  3. Nail Color Manipulation
  4. Energy Beam Emission
  5. Supernatural Blood
  6. Semi-Immortality
  7. Power Manifestation
  8. Belief Empowerment
  9. Pride Embodiment
  10. Transcendent Physiology
  11. Transcendent Homo Superior Physiology
  12. Aerial Adaptation
  13. Atmospheric Adaptation
  14. Levitation
  15. Flight
  16. High-Speed Flight
  17. Aerial Combat Mastery
  18. Enhanced Strength
  19. Supernatural Strength
  20. Strength Combat
  21. Light Manipulation
  22. Energy Manipulation
  23. Energy Attacks
  24. Light Attacks
  25. Energy Blast
  26. Light Blast
  27. Energy Constructs
  28. Photokinetic Constructs
  29. Fortification Creation
  30. Building Creation
  31. High Resistance
  32. Energy Wall Generation
  33. Light Wall Generation
  34. Ergokinetic Combat
  35. Photokinetic Combat


  • Zora doesn't make her first full appearance until Powers #2, but she appears in a photograph in Powers #1.


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