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Zora is a recurring character on PlayStation's Powers. She debuts in the first episode of Season 1. She has the ability to manipulate light.


Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Zora is first hanging out with the Powers Kidz. She meets Christian Walker when he questions her about Calista Secor. She recognizes him as former Power Diamond and gains an interest in him. She tells him Calista's name before leaving with the rest of the Kidz. Later that night, Walker calls Zora to ask if she's seen Calista. She lies and tells him that she hasn't seen her even though they're both hanging out at the Kidz' clubhouse. Walker tells her that she'll see him in five minutes. Zora tells Calista that Powers Division is looking for her. When Calista calls Walker by his real name, Zora tells her that Diamond is his real name because Powers choose their real names.

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Jealosuy,but sweet and kind

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Homo Superior Physiology
  2. Jet Propulsion
  3. Levitatation
  4. Energy Propulsion
  5. High-Speed Flight
  6. Plantform Creation
  7. Path Creation
  8. Block Manipulation
  9. Energy Constructs
  10. Energy Beam Emission
  11. Hand Blasts
  12. Ergokinetic Combat
  13. Aerial Combat Mastery
  14. Aerial Adaptation
  15. Weather Adaptation
  16. Cold Immunity
  17. Atmospheric Adaptation


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  1. Pilot



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